Pisgah Pete

Hi there! I'm Pisgah Pete!
I predict the Super Bowl winner and take care of my friends at the White Squirrel Institute.


Saturday at 9 a.m.
February 2, 2019

Blue Ridge Bakery
86 West Main St.
Downtown Brevard

  • Meet and take a picture with me, Pisgah Pete!

  • Local and regional media will be broadcasting live.

  • Be the first to hear my prediction of the Super Bowl and also whether we will have six more weeks of winter (or an early spring).

  • Eat White Squirrel cookies!

  • Meet local dignitaries.

  • Most importantly, adopt one of my White Squirrel friends at the White Squirrel Institute table.

White Squirrel Institute

Raise money and awareness for Brevard's licensed wildlife rehabilitators through the White Squirrel Institute.  These hard-working volunteers rescue, save and nurse area squirrels (and other animals, including birds, possums, turtles, snakes, etc.) back to health (and back into the wild) and do all their work with no financial assistance.  They pay for medical supplies, medications, and food out of their own pockets.  Anyone interested in donating funds to help, can click the button below and 100% of the funds will go to reimburse wildlife rehabilitators’ expenses.